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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Exclusively Pumping Tips

While I was pregnant with Grace so many people asked me if I was going to breastfeed and my response was always "I want to, but it depends on Grace." I feel like a lot of people don't realize that breastfeeding is not easy. It is something that I personally wanted to try, but I went into with the mentality if it didn't work out that's okay too because fed is best.

How did I become an exclusive pumper?

It's something that just happened to be honest. I did even know exclusively pumping was a "thing." I had an emergency crash c-section to bring Grace into this world so her first feeding was actually formula. The first three hours of her life I couldn't even hold her because I was so numb from the neck down and actually had a panic attack because of it. My husband was the one who fed her and held her. When I was able to actually hold her I tried to breastfeed right away. Grace's latch was great, but she wouldn't suck, no matter what we did.

I tried multiple times after that, I had had the lactation specialist come and help, but no luck. I had to pump to make sure she was getting milk and realized I didn't hate it lol. I liked knowing exactly how much she was eating and she was still getting breast milk like I always wanted so I felt like it was a good compromise for myself. From then on I exclusively pumped and never looked back.

What do I need to exclusively pump?

1. A Pump (Obviously!) I recommend calling your insurance company because many will cover the cost for you! I chose the Spectra S2 pump and love it. I used the Medela in the hospital and it just confirmed my choice with Spectra. I feel like I get more milk in less time!

2. Extra Pump Parts/Bottles I have two sets of flanges & all the accessories that go with them. When you order your pump it will come with a set, I recommend purchasing an additional set as well. I got THESE on Amazon and THESE bottles. 

3. Milk Storage Bags I have used three different brands of milk storage bags. I was purchasing whatever was on sale, but the best in my opinion are the Lansinoh brand. I have never had one leak on me while storing it in the fridge and my milk has thawed nicely in them as well. If you're going to be freezing your milk you will need to get Ziploc Freezer Bags too. It's an easy way to store them in your freezer.

4. Pumping Bra I highly recommend getting one, it's going to be a lifesaver. THIS ONE is my favorite and only $20.

5. Nursing Pads I started leaking while pregnant with Grace. Trust me, you will need THESE.

6. Cooler We actually had to run out and buy one! I use THIS ONE and it works great. I like that I can clip it onto the stroller if I don't want to take up the space in my diaper bag.

Pumping Schedule

When I first starting pumping in the hospital I pumped every three hours and pumped for 15-20 minutes at a time. That's right, you guessed it, you have to pump in the middle of the night.. This is going to help establish your supply. This is my NUMBER ONE tip to any mom, be diligent with it. 

I always woke up to pump and it's really what helped build my supply. Now this schedule was easier to maintain when my husband took the first two weeks out of work to be home with Grace and I. There were days that finding time to pump was very difficult once I was home alone with her. One day I cried because Grace just wouldn't let me put her down and I was petrified it would wreck my milk production. Do not freak out, if you miss a pump here and there it shouldn't ruin your supply.

I dropped the middle of night pumps around 2.5 months. Now my schedule is a little different and a lot easier. Grace can entertain herself so it's much less stressful. I pump every 4-5 hours and do not pump during the night. The older your baby gets the more pumps you will be able to drop. It will get easier!



If you're new around here I was diagnosed with hyper-emesis during my pregnancy. From 7 weeks until Grace was born I threw up everyday, sometimes twenty times a day. It was a really hard nine months. The day they pulled her out of me there was no more sickness so I was very excited to eat lol. While in the hospital it was very easy to eat healthy because I didn't have to cook anything. Here is what I ate....

Breakfast: Oatmeal with raisins and a side of fruit OR a veggie omelet.

Lunch: Salad with some sort of protein.

Dinner: Salmon with vegetables and roasted potatoes.

Snacks: cottage cheese with fruit, nuts, granola bars, veggies with hummus.

I can't express enough how keeping hydrated is super important as well. Breastfeeding will make you very thirsty so make sure you're drinking a lot of water.

Tips & Tricks

1. Store your flanges & bottles in a zip lock bag and store them in the fridge in between pumps. This will save you from having the wash them multiple times a day. I store mine in the fridge all day and do one wash at night. If you have two sets of everything you can let the used parts soak in soapy water overnight and rinse them in the morning.

2. If your pump is not battery operated, like mine, I suggest getting an adaptor so you can pump in the car if need be. I purchased THIS and it works great. I have personally pumped in the car when I know we're going to be out all day. Even if I don't end up needing to just having the peace of mind knowing it's an option is nice.

3. Make sure your pump fits. Changing the size of your flanges may be needed and can help your supply. If you're not sure meet with a lactation specialist, that's how I knew to change mine. For example my left needed a 28mm and my right needed a 24mm.

4. In the first three months of pumping I drank THIS tea every night before bed.

5. Join a Facebook support group like THIS ONE. It's nice to not feel alone and it's a great outlet when seeking advice/support.

I hope this was helpful and a good source to refer back to! I have been pumping for over 6 months now and I honestly couldn't be more proud of myself.



  1. Wow, I felt the same exact way about breastfeeding. I am so happy to be an exclusive pumper and have the sanity to know exactly how much milk my boys are getting from me. With twins it is difficult but they haven't had any formula supplement since May! Thanks for sharing your tips!

    1. Wow, a mom of twins and pumping?! You go girl!

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