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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Five Ways To Save Time

Being a mom is the most amazing thing in the world, but boy does your life change, especially when it's your first! I'm a type A personality so when people tell you to "just sleep when the baby sleeps" I do an immediate eye roll lol. All you mamas out there know that is definitely easier said than done. For me it's the laundry, the dirty floors (we have a chocolate lab!), the groceries, even just showering myself, the list could go on and on. So I decided to share some "hacks" that have just made my life so much easier since Grace entered this world two months ago!

1. Downy Wrinkle Release // This is a game changing item! I cringe at the thought of ironing, never mind trying to find time to do it. So when I came across the Downy Wrinkle Release I just had to give it a try. This item is a must have in my eyes...every single item I have sprayed this on the wrinkles have come out. Whether it's a shirt or pants, they look freshly pressed and it comes in travel size, perfect for on the go.


2.  Robotic Vaccum // This item is worth the money just for the convenience of it. I got mine on Amazon about a year ago and love it! I recommend it to all my friends, especially ones with pets and kids. The best part is you can set a timer and the vacuum will go off at the same time everyday without you doing anything #SignMeUp lol. My only suggestion would be to make sure there aren't any lose cords on the floor because the vacuum will get stuck on them. Other than that you will never push a vacuum again!


3. Grocery Delivery // My mom makes fun of me because everyday it seems like I'm getting a new package. Truth is I am hahahaha, I'm addicted to Amazon Prime. When I found out my local grocery store offered delivery service I signed right up. Ours is called PeaPod by Stop & Shop, but I know the chain isn't everywhere so I looked into other options too. Walmart also offers a fairly new service where you order your items and pick them up from the store. What's convenient about this is they bring the items out to your car and load them for you, it's perfect for a new mom! The service isn't offered in my area yet, but I cant wait to try it out.

4. Subscription Boxes // What I love about these is you fill out a survey, create a profile, and cute outfits arrive at your doorstep! Have a special event coming up and don't have time to get to the mall? Let your stylist know and she'll cater your box to your specific request. I'm loving the Trunk Club by Nordstrom. You can chat with your stylist (whom never changes) so she can really get a feel for what your needs are and what you're looking for. I also started a subscription for Grace! MAC & MIA sends the cutest kids clothing based off of your style and the best part is there's no subscription so you're not locked in month to month.


5. Emergency Stash // Have you been out with baby and realize you forgot to pack that extra onsie or you run out of wipes?! It's happened to me and it's not fun. I can thank my best friend Deirdre for this advice. Pack extra diapers, wipes, clothes and put them in a basket in your trunk! That way when you're on the go and run out of something or baby has an explosion you have back ups on hand. I use THIS storage bin to keep everything organized and at hand.


These are my top five hacks for saving time. Whether you have kids or not these will definitely save you time throughout the day. I hope you found my suggestions helpful and if you have anything that saves you time I would love to hear about it in the comments below!


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