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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Postpartum Must Haves For Mom & Baby

It has been two weeks since we left the hospital, I honestly can't believe that! These past weeks have flown by. You would think being home the days would drag, but our little Grace definitely keeps us busy busy busy. I have gotten a few questions from followers as to what products we have been using with Grace and for myself, what we like and dislike so I figured I would create a blog post. It's an easier way for all of you to access everything in one area.

All products I have linked below we are loving right now and work great for us. You can purchase any of the products by simply clicking on the picture!

1. Dock A Tot -- Our first night home was rough. Discharge from the hospital is usually 11am, but that morning I spiked a fever and they wouldn't release me until they did some tests. They wanted to rule out the flu (which was scary to even think about). So after all the testing we didn't leave until 4pm. Grace was very fussy when we got home and would not sleep in her bassinet. At 2am I was desperate and put the Dock A Tot in our bed and thank heavens she fell right asleep! We never planned on co sleeping, but for that night it was a God sent. We also use it for when we're lounging on the couch and want her close and to change her diaper. What I love about this product is it's breathable and hypoallergenic.


2. Bottle Warmer -- Joe and I were that couple in the hospital that had NO IDEA what we were doing! We definitely took advantage of the four days I got to spend there by asking every question we could think of. One of those was, how do we warm her bottle? In the microwave? Well we learned quickly that was a big no no. Grace is drinking breast milk, I'm exclusively pumping, so keeping the nutrients in-tacked after warming the milk was very important to me. This bottle warmer is a life saver, especially for late night feedings when you're half asleep. The milk is the perfect temperature, it takes out all the guess work of worrying the bottle is too hot or too cold for her. If you buy nay of my recommendations I highly suggest this one. It's also only $24.99!


3. Boppy Nursing Pillow -- This pillow is amazing! It's perfect for nursing mamas and also mamas who are bottle feeding. After a really hard pregnancy (I had hyper emesis) I have no strength at all. My arms were getting so tried from holding Grace, so when I started to use the pillow for feedings it was such a relief! What I love about this pillow too is the cover is very easy to take off and wash.


 4. Rock & Play Sleeper -- My aunt swore by this product and bought it for me as a shower gift. We don't use it at night time for Grace to sleep in, but it's perfect for during the day when we are downstairs in the living room. I love the rocking feature and Grace loves the music it plays while she falls asleep. What's great about this product too is it easily folds up and is perfect for traveling.


5. Baby Wrap Carrier -- Need some free hands, but maybe baby is a little fussy, then you NEED one of these wraps. They're soft, easy to use, and by far one of the least expensive I have found online! Sometimes I will wrap Grace in this so I can get some things around the house done and have her right with me.


6. Nursing Bras -- I haven't tried a lot of nursing bras. To be honest it's one of the items I completely forgot to buy until last minute, that's when I ran to Target. I grabbed THESE and I have to say I love them. They are very soft and comfortable, more like a sports bra, and easy to get on and off. If you're looking for something without an underwire I highly recommend these. They're also a great price point which makes it easy to buy a few.


7. Nursing Pads -- I'm going to keep it 100% real, your boobs are going to leak, whether you breast feed or not. Mine, I feel like are running faucets so these pads have been a game changer. No one wants to be out in public with milk stains seeping through your shirt! I like these pads because they're disposable so I don't have to worry about washing them. They are also very soft.

8. Underwear -- On the note of "keeping it real," after birth you're going to bleed, whether you have a c-section or vaginal birth. In the hospital they give you those mesh undies and line them with pads, but what about for when you go home? Yes, almost everyone takes what they can from the hospital, I know I did, but it's always good to have a back up at the house. What I like about THESE is you just put them on and go. There's no fussing with pads and getting uncomfortable if they move around while you're active around the house and tending to baby.

9. De Puffing Eye Gel -- Hello sleepless nights! We're all going to experience them, and while I'm loving every minute with my miracle baby my eyes aren't. THIS eye gel is worth EVERY PENNY. You will instantly see a change in the puffiness under your eyes. To me there's nothing better than getting dressed and putting on some makeup, it really has helped me feel like "me" again after having the baby. This little tube of gel has been a game changer in making me feel as normal as I possibly can right now.


10. Swaddle -- You're probably like, well duh, a swaddle is a wonderful thing. This swaddle however is very special because it always your baby to sleep with their arms up which is a natural sleep position for them. It also gives them the ability to self sooth because they can still have access to their hands. Grace sleeps so much better with these swaddles and they're worth every penny.

Do you have a product you swear by to get through with a newborn baby? I would love for you all to share recommendations and even what didn't work out for you in the comments below.


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