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Monday, February 5, 2018

Our Birth Story- January 19,2018

It all started on Tuesday, January 16th. I got up from sitting on the couch and felt a gush of water and I thought this is it! My due date was January 18th so we were ready to meet our baby girl. We went to the hospital to find out my water didn't break and I was sent home. On Wednesday I had this weird green discharge (sorry if that's TMI) but I decided to ignore it. When I woke up on Thursday and still had the same discharge I decided to call the doctors. I had my forty week appointment on the Friday, but for some reason I just felt like I needed to call.

After speaking to a nurse they decided to have me go into the office that morning just to make sure everything was okay. When I had an ultrasound done the doctor realized my fluid, which was supposed to be a "5" was actually at a "1.5" which is extremely low. So either my water did break two days before OR I had a "slow leak." The doctor said based off of just that test I would need to be induced, something I didn't want to happen, but at that point anything to make sure our baby was healthy I was fine with. My husband said, "okay, so when will she be induced? Like this weekend?" And the doctor said, "oh no, you need to go to the hospital now."

So my husband dropped me off at the hospital (which is right across the street from the doctors) and he went home to get our hospital bags. I was admitted to labor and delivery and my husband was there shortly after. I was given a pill to induce labor and then it was just a waiting game. I was able to eat dinner and we watched tv. As my contractions got more intense I decided to get an epidural, which going into this I kept an open mind about. I told myself if the pain was too much I would get one, I didn't want to off the bat say no to the possibility of an epidural.

Once I had the epidural I became so sleepy, I feel like I instantly fell asleep. At 1:15am the nurse came into our room because she noticed the baby's heart rate had dropped on two separate occasions. She had the doctor come in to check my cervix and see if I was dilated anymore than the last check. As she was checking she became completely silent and gave a look to our nurse. She mumbled something to the nurse and all I remember her saying is "am I calling in the code?"  This is when all craziness broke loose.

My doctor looked to me and said you need a c section RIGHT NOW. Then out of nowhere about 15 different doctors and nurses came running to our room. The anesthesiologist gave me more medicine into my spine and I was being run down the hallway. The doctor on the bed with me, holding the baby's head up. I had a prolapsed cord, meaning the umbilical cord fell out and the baby's head was pushing down on it which is extremely dangerous.

Within 5 minutes of being brought into the operating room Grace Elizabeth Ryan was welcomed into this world at 1:30am on January 19, 2018, weighing a surprising 8lbs 14oz and measuring 21.25 inches long. I never thought I would have a c-section, never mind an emergency crash c-section. When I tell you it felt like I was in a movie it was absolutely crazy. My birth plan went right out the window, it felt like everyone was moving a thousand miles a minute, but I was in slow motion.

I'm glad to say baby and I are doing great, and getting adjusted to being home. My recovery from the c-section has honestly not been that bad. The first couple of days are the hardest, but if I could give any mama advice it would be to get up and walk! Even if it's just for 5 minutes each day you're in the hospital, walk the hallways.

I would love to hear your all about your birth story! Let me know your experience in the comments below. 



  1. How scary for you! I was in labor for 19 hours after being admitted to L&D for high blood pressure and a headache. I was 35 weeks 4 days with twins via IVF. After 19 hours of labor and about 1 hour of pushing I passed out. When I came to the doctor said my pulse had dropped and baby B's heart rate had dropped for the last 9 contractions. He decided it was imperative to prepare for a c-section. I've always wanted a c-section because I've always been afraid of a vaginal birth but then while in the hospital I realized how special it would have been. I remember crying and my mom asked "Are those happy or sad tears?" And I responded "Both, my boys will be here soon but I'm scared." After my surgery the doctor came in and told me that my pelvis would not have allowed for a vaginal birth so baby A was stuck and baby B was hanging from his umbilical cord by his leg and never would have moved done the birth canal. Overall everything happened the way it was meant to! I didn't think recovery was that bad either though!

    1. Wow, that is so scary! I'm happy everything turned out okay for all three of you. Congrats on your miracle babes and thank you for reading my story! <3


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