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Thursday, July 23, 2020


I compiled a list of my all time favorite baby items. Some we used with Grace and saved for baby number two and others I did a ton of research on and recently bought for new baby boy. If any of the items are new it's because we weren't really impressed with what we had before with Grace and wanted an item that better fit our needs!

Dock A Tot: We used this EVERYDAY with Grace. It is 100% worth the money and great for up to 8-9months. I recommend going with a patterned cover and not the pure white. It was a little difficult to get stains out of ours so I bought a solid cover for when baby boy comes!

Portable Bouncer: I didn't have a seat like this with Grace and I wish I did! It's a convenient way to be hands free and keep baby safe and entertained. I love the neutral colors of it and that baby doesn't need to be able to support their head to use it.

Bottles: I loved these bottles for Grace. They are extremely easy to clean, there's only two parts to them! They're also great for transitioning from breast to bottle. Highly recommend. Comes in green or pink option.

High chair: This chair is so easy to clean, you literally just wipe it down. I also love the ease of taking the tray off and putting it back on. It's magnetic so you can easily do it with one hand.

Play Gym: I shared about this product on my Insta-stories. I love the simplicity to it and the fact that the play mat detaches from the arms making it very easy to clean!

Portable Fan: This is a must have! Super easy to clip onto your stroller or activity table. I charge it right in my car with the USB cord provided. It also sits flat so you can use it on any flat surface. We've had ours for two years now.

Bottle Sterilizer: This is a new purchase for baby number two. I'm excited to have one less thing to do and figured with everything going on with COVID-19 it was a great investment. I'll be sterilizing bottles, my breast pump parts, and pacifiers with it!

Portable Activity Table: This was a random find for me when Grace was an infant. We were members at a pool club and always hanging out at my Dad's pool so wanted something to put her in. It is extremely convenient to travel with, folds up like a camping chair, we even took it to my Dad's in Florida with ease. The material can get wet and dries quickly.

Burp Clothes: These are literally amazing. So soft, absorbent, and a great size. I learned the hard way with Grace that you don't need anything fancy or cute to wipe up spit up lol, just something that works. Use Code: Ashley20 for 20% OFF your purchase!

Stroller: We love the Maxi Cosi brand. I have two strollers, the infant car seat and convertible car seats. The strollers are easy to fold up and open, stylish, and fit the infant car seat.

Swaddle: I used these with Grace and fell in love. To be honest swaddling always intimidated me. I never understood how a baby would be comfortable with their arms so tight by their sides. This swaddle is easy to use, simply zips right up, and allows the baby to self sooth with their hands.

Sound Machine: You need this. We use the shusher feature and let it run all of nap time and bedtime. This one is inexpensive and runs on batteries so very easy to travel with, batteries are provided too! My favorite feature for this shusher is it has a timer setting, but you don't have to use it. Most don't give you that option and we like to just let it run.

4 in 1 Seat: There's nothing better than a baby item that grows with them. I love that this seat has a tray for snacks and activities. It also grows all the way to a booster seat! Comes in a teal and pink color.

Portable Bottle Warmer: (not pictured in collage) This warmer is battery operated which makes traveling with it a breeze. I love that it provides specific temperature settings which means no guessing! I had a different brand bottle warmer for Grace and I was always over heating my breast milk. It was a pain to figure out. I'm excited to use this new product when baby comes.
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