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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Life Update & Home Tour

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I figure it's about time I shared pictures from our home since we moved three months ago! There's been a lot going on in our lives lately, so I'm excited to share some updates. I linked as many items as I could for all of you that may be interested in any decor or furniture we have. All links are provided after every picture and at the very end of the post.

For anyone that is new, welcome! To catch up on why we moved and where we are now read THIS post. It will answer all your questions.

*Storage Unit, Bins, & Large Frames are IKEA, Couch is by Nugget*

Life Update

*Answering The Top Questions From Instagram*

What Does Joe Do For Work?

This is one of the top questions you all asked. Joe is a licensed electrician and I'm so happy to share a huge update on him. He was working third shift and I'm excited to share he accepted a major job offer from National Grid this past July and is now working first shirt Monday-Friday. Making this move was a huge deal for all three of us and I am so happy for him. Which leads into the next top question....


Where Are You Moving To?

We have decided to stay in Rhode Island. Joe had applied for this position before we even decided to sell our home so when he was offered the job we couldn't pass on the opportunity. We're both very happy with the decision and excited to buy a new home. We have a specific area in mind we love with good schools, close to the highway, and restaurants/shopping.


Have You Started Looking For A House?

We have and wow I forgot how stressful it can be! There isn't a lot listed for sale at the moment and we actually lost out on two homes already. One I loved, but just wasn't ready to take the leap yet (it was two weeks after we moved into our apartment) The second we also loved, the house was on the market for over 300 days, and the day we put in an offer they accepted another, go figure. The great thing is we have time on our side, there's no rush to get out of our apartment, so we're being very picky. 


Do You Like Renting?

Yes and No. Renting has its pros and cons, just like owning. I know I wouldn't want to rent for the rest of my life, but the location of our apartment is great and the maintenance team and sales office are very easy to work with.


Have You Noticed A Financial Difference Since Moving?

So majority of you know we moved for multiple reasons, which I shared in a previous post (linked at the beginning of this post) A major benefit from selling our house was paying off all our student loans! I truly feel for any of you that have large student loans, it's horrible. So yes, between paying off all our debt and Joe getting a new job it's been a huge benefit for our family.

I want to thank all of you for following along on our crazy journey. It's amazing how supportive and nice this little community can be and I can not thank you enough. I hope by sharing it helps someone feel less alone in anything they may be struggling with.


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