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Monday, July 16, 2018

Amazon Prime Favorites

Since Amazon is having troubles with their site for Prime Day I figured I would share my favorite Amazon Prime purchases from this past year! There's a lot of baby items, surprise surprise lol. I honestly don't know what I would do with out Amazon Prime. It just makes life so much easier, especially as a new mom. I buy everything from items for Grace to paper goods, yep, even my toilet paper.

Pop N' Jump Portable Activity Center - We love this activity center because it folds up just like a camping chair so it's easy to take everywhere! We bring it to the pool and the fabric dries very easily.

Cutie Teether Rattle - It's a rattle and teether in one. We have had it for about 3 months now (Grace got teeth at 4 months!) and she still loves it.

Baby Jumper - This is by far the number one asked about item from my Instagram stories! Everyone wants to know what this jumper is and how they get it. It's currently on sale and definitely one of my top picks. It would also make a great baby shower gift.

Sunglasses - If you have been eyeing the Celine sunglasses, but don't want to spend the money these are for you! They come in four different colors and are only $10!

Baby Booties - We love these booties because Grace can't kick them off. I've washed them numerous times and they're still in great shape. She wears them year round and once she starts walking they have the non-slip grips on the bottom. You can get tons of colors too!

Glamorous Wash - Okay, at $30 you're probably thinking I'm nuts to spend that on laundry soap, but hear me out. This is the BEST smelling detergent I have ever used. It's made by a candle company if that helps you understand lol. I use this strictly for towels and linens, and a little cap full goes a long way.

Portable Charger - This ones for the exhausted mamas that fall asleep before plugging their phone in (aka me) and the people that are always on the go or on their phone (also me! lol) This charger is great and lasts a long time. I'm going away next week and it will be perfect for when I'm out all day because you know I'm going to be FaceTiming Grace 24/7 hahaha!

Stroller Fan - I just purchased this about 2 weeks ago and have used it everyday. It really does keep Grace cool, even on a 95 degree day. You can charge it so you're not changing out batteries every other day and it has four fan settings. I also love that it will sit upright on a table! I highly recommend this one.

Bamboo Handbag - Another designer dupe that I love! I'm sure you have seen this purse everywhere, but I love it. I always get so many compliments on it and it's perfect for Summer.

Cellphone Stand - I recently purchased this and have used it everyday. What I love about it is it will hold a tablet too! It comes in four different colors and is under $10.

What are some of your must have Amazon finds?! Feel free to "Pin" the image below so you can easily refer back to this post at anytime <3


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