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Thursday, November 16, 2017

3D Ultrasound Experience

 A few days ago my husband, Joe, and I did something super exciting! We went to a company in Providence, RI call Babies & Bellies. During our appointment we were able to see our little girl in 3D, which is much clearer than a normal ultrasound.

The experience was amazing, to say the least! We were able to see her yawn, smile, and even stick out her tongue. It definitely makes the entire experience feel more real now and before you know it she will be here. I highly recommend to anyone in  the Rhode Island or southern Massachusetts area to go here. The office is beautiful and the staff is extremely nice. They are also offer the best priced packages in the area. 

We opted for the least expensive package which came to $80. We were given a CD with all of the images, two colored images (like the ones below), a ton of black and white images, and she even texted me the links so I could save the picture to my iPhone!

Now as far as who Grace looks like, right now from these images, I think her Dad! She definitely has his nose, but I think she has my lips. What do you think?!


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