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Friday, October 6, 2017

Baby Shower

This past Sunday we celebrated baby Grace by having a baby shower at my home. I wanted to keep it small, we only had 30 guests, and it couldn't have been more perfect. Anyone that know me, knows I have an obsession with elephants so naturally my Mom went with that theme.

My good friend's Mom LOVES doing crafts and making cakes. I'm so lucky she wanted to make the cake for our party, can you believe she does this as a hobby?! The cake came out perfect! She also made the centerpieces, which was a huge help to my mom.

My mom's friend helped make the favors pictured below. We went with a simple mason jar with a Yankee Candle inside, we got ours at Christmas Tree Shop, but you can get them on Amazon and even at Target.
 We ordered food from a local store and even had a candy bar! 

The Geo-filter for the shower was actually super easy to make. I made it right on the Snap Chat app and I think it only cost $5.

My dress is from Ruthie Grace Boutique I highly recommend them if you're looking for an affordable dress! They're not maternity, but have a lot of options for your bump. 

It was so nice to have everyone come to my home and even nicer we didn't have to load up a truck to bring all the gifts home! It made throwing the party very affordable too since we didn't have to pay restaurant prices. Any of my mom-to-be followers have their own showers coming up?! I would love to hear what your themes are in the comments below.


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