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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gift Guide For The Health Buff

 Brain Science Adult Coloring Book with Pencils --most important muscle to keep fit!

Flip Belt -- perfect for the runner/hiker

Fruit Infusion Bottle  -- perfect for the person who doesn't like plain water

Single Serve Blender --blend right in the bottle and go!

"Ropeless" Jump Rope  -- great for working out at home.

Portion Control Basket -- how cute are these baskets for boiling your food?!

Fit Book -- easily keep track of your workouts and nutrition 

With the holiday season upon us I have been trying to share unique gift guides that cater to people all of you porbably have in your life. Today I'm sharing gifts for the health nut in your life. All items linked above are available for under $50 and most are through Amazon, so if you have Prime it's great options for a last minute gift. 

One of my favorite items I linked is the Polar watch...I have my own and it's my absolute favorite. It's very easy to use and tracks your heart rate during your work out along with calories burned. I'm also loving the monogrammed yoga mat I linked. It's a great way to personalize a gift. Happy Wednesday everyone...hope you're having a fabulous week.


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